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Many of you may think our tag line “When more than just size matters, get the choice you deserve” is simply a crude joke, but we believe it truly sums us up. This statement, crude though it may be encompasses our mission and our purpose which is to help you find the right skip hire service, one that meets not just your volumetric requirements but also:

  • Fits into the spot you need it to

  • Can be placed safely in the spot you need it (over fence or up embankment)

  • Can be delivered in your timeframe (out of hours or same day deliveries)

  • Is available on the dates you require it

  • Can be lifted when filled with heavy materials

  • Licensed to handle hazardous or difficult wastes as required (slurry bins)

  • Can handle remote sites

  • Specialised waste types like asbestos, concrete, masonry, metal, cardboard and paper to name a few

We would like to point out at this point that the list list above didn’t include the price of the skip bins we offer on our website. While this is certainly an important factor and we can definitely tell you we offer great rates on our services we don’t just give you a the cheapest skip bin price we have. We prefer to give you the choice of services and let you choose how you want to choose. You can choose the cheapest skip bin if you want or you can choose the one that has a door to make loading it easier for you or you could choose on any other attribute or combination thereof you like.

More than 15 thousand bins have been booked and delivered on our website since 2009 when we started offering services with our first partner in Brisbane. Our business has grown since then as we added more choice in metro areas and progressively began servicing regional and rural areas right around the country. With more than 100 active partners and almost 1000 companies on file we have the most comprehensive information set allowing us to solve even the most challenging complications. For instance recently we organised the delivery of a skip over a fence above a retaining wall at a property with no driveway a feat that is unlikely to be achieved by a run of the mill bin hirer.

Our Team

Steve Shergold CEO

Steve Shergold

Cofounder and Customer Euphoria Officer

Steve has been selling technology and delivering excellent customer service with and to the waste industry for over a decade. This started when he was selling waste management software to the industry radically changing how these businesses functioned allowing them greater efficiency and educating him in the “ways of waste”. This has given him unique insight into waste services and how to get the most out of them.

Nathanael Shergold CTO

Nathanael Shergold

Cofounder and Customer Technologies Officer

With more than a decade of software engineering experience in the rubbish collection arena, Nathanael has developed a significant system for handling the various complications when dealing with these services. He is passionate about making our customers interactions our systems easy and intuitive as well as giving them maximum information to make their choice.


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